Each of us has guides, beings that are not in bodies that want to help us through our lives because, as we all know, being in a body on the earth is difficult and alotta work. We could do it alone, but why would we want to. Unless you’re an ascetic who needs to live alone in a nature setting eating whatever you can scrounge in order to be closer to Spirit and if that is the case, my blessings. For most of us, we can use all the help we can get. Unfortunately, in this age of Reason and technology where we are bombarded with information, sound, and simple activity of all kinds, our senses are on shut down a great deal so the best that any of our guides can do is simple party games. Making a word show up constantly for days in signs/billboards/conversations, or repetitive dreams that are symbolic/bizarre and vivid enough for us to remember, or freudian slips trying to point us in the right direction.

Most of the time we ignore these things anyway as aberrations or the mind playing tricks on us. And yet we shake our fist at the universe and say ‘why aren’t you listening to me?’, ‘why aren’t you helping?’. *sigh* The Akashics give our guides a way to work more directly with us. To help us out of difficult situations, to help us remember the reasons things are the way they are, to show us the opportunities ahead and give us guidance on what we can do to get there, or just to remind us how amazing and wonderful we are. Allowing yourself to relax and connect with the Akashics allows them to work in a medium where they no longer have to play charades and can communicate with you directly. And isn’t it nice to know that someone cares?