This world is wild and wacky, no denying it.  If you have any doubts try traveling by any means over the next couple of weeks.  During the holidays are most crazy behavior comes out and interacts with everyone else’ for a laugh riot of “OMG! Did you see that?”  You gotta laugh because if you don’t you just might not survive it.  But being human beings we also want to make sense of it all.  We want their to be patterns, we want their to be reasons, for things to have a cause and effect that makes sense.  And so we start looking for that in the events that happen in our lives.  And that’s where things get complicated.

When you don’t have all the facts, when you can’t see all the motivations, where you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle, it’s hard to see the pattern or make sense of things, if there is any sense to be made of them, which sometimes there just isn’t.  So if you don’t hold judgement until you get the majority of the pieces, if you decide to fill in the blanks to the best of your ability, you can get a solution, you can find a reason, a pattern, a cause.  However it more than likely is only a second cousin twice removed from what actually happened or is happening an why.

And the answer usually is the most simple and direct line to the end point.  Why is this happening to you, because you were there at the exact moment when it occurred.  Why did this happen at all, because all the events took place in the right order and someone made one decision and someone made another and it all connected to you or the ones you love.  Although it can be the case, many times it’s not an evil plot by dastardly forces out to get you or the Universe conspiring against you.  Usually it’s “because these things happen”.  The only thing you can do is look to your actions, your decisions, your behaviors and do the best you can to o the best you can in any given moment.  And if that means you stepped in the way just as they threw that banana cream pie, well, I guess your desert is free, right?