I get a number of questions from clients and students asking me “Is it something Karmic that I brought with me into this life?”  Most of the time it’s not.  When we complete an embodied life and return to the Akashics we, almost immediately, go into seclusion with our teacher and completely review the life we have just led.  Not like going over a test with a professor or reading through notes after a lecture. When we are not in bodies we are telepathic and telempathic.  We think and feel everyone elses’ thoughts and feelings as if they were our own.  We are deeply interconnected in ways which it is impossible to imagine while we’re encased in these forms.  When we review the life we have just led, the blindness and separation we experienced during the life is removed and the interconnection and full communication returned.  We feel how those we interacted with felt in each moment.  We hear the thoughts and see the grand landscape of the interconnected web we participated in.  Our wisdom and understanding of how things works comes back to us in all it’s aspects and any ‘karma’ or lessons/judgements/punishments happen in those moments.  We are those we’ve harmed and we experience first hand the harm we have inflicted.

We choose each embodied life that we live and do so very carefully and with forethought.  We aren’t slammed into a life as a punishment or atonement for some past act.  We know what we’re getting into (as much as one can with Free Will happening all around us in each micro-second) and set up our lessons and our goals accordingly.  So, if you think of karma as the result of past actions which serve to bring us to our current state of being, as being what you have become and the actions you choose to take now that you have arrived in this state of being, then yes, this entire life is karma.  🙂  However, that’s not what people are looking for when they ask the question.

It is rare for me to have a client that has karma as they understand it, some hold over from a previous life interfering with this one.  But it does happen and they fall into two different categories:  their soul was really impacted by an event in a past life and is working through the emotions and identity ramifications of that event (grief, guilt, abandonment, betrayal…), they are drawing on one specific previous life in order to access skills, aptitudes, or knowledge in order to achieve a goal in this life.  Neither are random, although the physical effects can seem disconnected from the causes in this life.  Understanding the reasons why the issues exist can help the person put more harmony in their life and help them move past their issues into a healthier life.

So are people’s issues about karma?  Not really.  Of course sometimes they are.  So there’s that. 🙂

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  1. What karma is. What karma isn’t. And why we can get so confused about what is going on in our lives and in the lives around us. So when a well spoken explanation comes along can help to disspell unhelpful notions that just keep us trapped under the weight of stuck emotions. It’s like…karma has gotten a bad rap and has become a hatred umbrella rather than a useful tool to help us grow spiritually.

    As ever, I appreciate the way you use your gifts and abilities, Tedium. <3

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