Everyone searches for that combination of people and circumstances and things which will bring back that feeling of unconditional love. Some of us experience it as children if we have loving families, but as we mature we learn that families are people too and while we may be loved unconditionally, that love still comes from human beings living human lives. Spouses and significant others can bring on that feeling during the initial stages of a relationship and, if we are very lucky, we can work together to keep it going and succeed.

But what we are truly looking for is that total release for needing to be a certain way in order to receive love. The ability to drop the roles, the survival activities, the responsibilities, to be truly and freely yourself and exist in the total bliss of all encompassing love. The love which knows you and loves you despite and because of all that you are.

We search for this because it is what we have come from and this is the atmosphere that our soul lives in when not embodied. This is how we experience ‘home’ when our soul is unstretched and resides together again. Through the Akashics we can experience this within our body, healing the physical as well as the mental and spiritual and bringing a sense of peace that will remain long after the visit is complete.