The human body is a finite structure that is perfect for dealing with life here as we know it.  Ok, so I hear you pointing out acne, backfat, allergies, and pinkeye among other things to prove me wrong, however I would like to think that bipedal motion, opposable thumbs, and the human brain are pretty amazing and get us through an average day with as much opportunity for joy as misery.

One significant thing the body is not built for, however, is holding the entirety of your soul. Souls are amazing in their complexity, their abilities to integrate with everything and their need to explore and improve.  They are also what we would experience from a bodily experience as ‘huge’.  All of that knowledge, wisdom, understanding, love, and compassion just won’t fit into one body.  As the genie says in Aladin:  “PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS!  Itty-bitty living space!”

You know more, understand more and are more than you realize and all of that without even trying.  Like a rubberband that is stretched between two hands you are not only here, but still ‘home’ in the realm of spirit.  Calming yourself and allowing your body to connect with the Akashics unstretches the rubberband for that brief moment in time and allows you to feel more of the entirety of you and to remember what it is to feel whole.