Every soul has its own path that it walks.  Each has a unique affinity, a style, a way of being in the Universe that is its own.  Some are similar, others complimentary, many harmonize, balance, or support each other.  And most work for the best possible good for themselves and all around them.  But my mind boggles as the unique paths that they walk through life.  It’s amazing and never fails to surprise me.

I have met adventurers whose choice is to learn all they can about whatever subject they are interested in, not just from books, but from people, from participating in events, from living that subject in their daily lives.  They are natural leaders because the joy and enthusiasm they radiate draws others to join them.  And when they have learned, been, and done everything there is to do with that subject and they are satisfied that they now know it balls-to-bones they then move on to the next adventure.  I have met souls whose purpose is to create peaceful healing space for those who have been damaged by life in a less than hospitable world such as Haiti and so they go there, with no skills or idea how they will help, but all around them people feel comforted and are able to rest and grow strong again.

Each journey is unique, each soul is unique.  How you move in the world, the choices you choose, the way in which you choose to perceive the world in your body in this time, tells you who you really are underneath the facts of your age, your family of origin, your current location or job.  Who are you?  And what do you really want to be doing?  When this body is done, what do you want to remember as ‘what you were all about’?