I went to visit my father, yesterday.  He’s in a care facility about 2 hours from my home so it’s a fairly easy drive. The facility is amazing and he is getting fantastic care from happy staff who like their jobs and have enough staff on hand to do the job well. They actually enjoy the residents and it shows everywhere.  It’s a win for everyone as Dad requires more physical care than the family is able to give at this point and we did try our very best.

Each time I goto visit its an adventure because the other residents are all human beings as well and not a bad apple in the bunch, that I can see, but all people in the late 80’s and early 90’s with lives and personalities and they are very much in their moments.  This time it was a beautiful day and residents were enjoying the sunshine and the birds (there are feeders hanging from every possible eve, and each other, and, of course, college football.  I sat with Dad and visited and when he needed a nap I sat next to him and watched football and visited with other residents who joined us.  They were all pleasant, generous, curious, and very fun. And we all agree that Defense is sorely lacking on all the teams this early in the season. There’s no reason scores should go past the teens unless the ‘D’ is asleep at the wheel.  🙂

What struck me most, however is that throughout my stay various residents would nod or smile hesitantly and say “hi” and then look at the sunshine and me and as me “Are you happy to be alive today” with big smiles on their faces.  The first one took me aback and I smiled and said “yes” and kept going down the hall.  But another said it later on at lunch and then another as I walked outside to take in the spectacular view they have on the cliff face.  And it dawned on me that I am.  On such a beautiful day, around such nice and interesting people, seeing my Dad happy and well, having a good life of my own, I am happy to be alive.  And really, that’s about as good as it gets, right?