I’m always fascinated by seeing people’s soul books in the Akashics.  It’s like meeting someone in person after only having spoken with them over the phone for months and never having seen a picture.  How they look is almost never what you had imagined.  People’s books are almost never what I imagined.  I’ve not yet worked with a soul that is young enough to have a slim book so most are several inches thick, but from there it’s a wild and wonderous array of everything is possible.  And it’s very much not just a decorative thing.  It represents that person, it represents you, so how it looks reflects who you have been, who you are, and who you are becoming.

Some people have very neat, very clean, hardly used books with neatly trimmed spotless pages and clean neat writing.  They have yet to really experience taking risks, making connections, attempting and failing, therefore they have not yet had a chance to succeed or feel joy or relationship.  Some people have great jewels or medallions or symbols on the front cover of their book to represent a career or chosen dedication in life.  They carry this through all that they do and it is something that will inform all choices and all information within.  Some people’s books are old, dusty, cracked and worn from long use and a great deal of time away from life.  Sometimes even souls need to heal from the experiences that life throws at us.  And some are like scrap books stuffed full of extra pages, photos, mementos and oddments that describe experiences gathered through an eventful life.

Each is unique, just like the person it represents and each records the now as it unfolds and holds the template of how you planned to live and what you planned to do while you were here.  Nothing is fated, but you have left a map to follow.  I often look at these for my clients as it gives key insights into why they are in their particular point of life and usually has quite a few answers as to ‘where do I go from here’.  Many times in looking at it I turn to the decision tree, which looks like a sports tournament schedule.  From where you are you could go here or here.  From each of those points there are a couple of alternatives and from those a couple more branching out over and over again.  I can read down these to give ideas of options, possibilities, consequences, and end points.  Free will means that the person may choose anyone, none, or to do the Hokey Pokey and turn themselves around.   The only inevitable thing about life is that it will end at some point.  So enjoy it while you’ve got it.