Each of us is a being of light.  We are unique individuals whose lives help create and sustain the wonder and the majesty that is the universe we know and all of it that we don’t.  Our existence is a fundamental part of everything and the numinous would be lessened if we did not exist.  An essential part of being sentient beings is our sovereignty over our own beingness.  We have the right to think, feel, act, and live how we choose.  Free will is a term I use to refer to this enormous gift.  It is something that guides all interactions between beings almost as much as the unconditional love that emanates from and connects all of us.

Free will is a very large consideration when working with a soul that is embodied.  The soul must be allowed to make its own choices, live its own successes and failures, and make mistakes, without the interference of its support team or teacher.  This is the reason why contracts between the parties are struck.  They set the boundaries for what support, help, and intervention is allowed during an embodied life and what can be offered.  While a healer or teacher or peer may want to intervene in a certain situation, they cannot do so without explicit permission from that soul.  The Embodied Life section of our soul book, in these cases, has the ability to act as our advocate giving permission for intervention and support up to a certain point.  This section of our soul book actively works on our behalf, retaining a level of sentience in order to, of its own accord, grant permission for additional support to be provided in certain instances.  Examples would be instances of people in traumatic situations such as car accidents, home invasions, or battles during war hearing voices that give them instructions on what to do or seeing people or angels who give them encouragement in order to survive when survival was improbable.  Another example would be the beings that appear in the midst of a terrible event such as a hand appearing to help a hiker who has slipped and is hanging on the side of a cliff. Without being pulled up they would have fallen, but when they have been rescued and they look to thank the Good Samaritan, no one is there.  Or the person who appears on the stairs of a high-rise on fire.  Smoke obscures their face, but they help the elderly and mothers with children down to safety, then disappear and no one seems to have actually seen them.  Without permission from our soul books these interventions would not be possible because they interfere with the boundaries of interactions we have set before embodying.  Most people do not wish to see or remember beings that are not corporeal during their embodiment but our soul books are able to hand out “hall passes” to support beings if the issue is critical as in these examples.