In any relationship there are at a minimum two people.  While it may be an oversimplification, in general one of those two people will have been the seeker and the other will have been the sought.  These categories are less about the act of looking for someone to be in relationship with or the willingness to be in relationship and more about technique.  And this is where I usually come in because my client is either seeking when they should be sought or they think they are available to being sought when they aren’t.

There is so much information out there about soul mates, about willing yourself into your best life, about attracting what you desire, all of which has some kernels of truth, but doesn’t get to the practical of the matter.  It doesn’t matter what your attitude is or how much you will things or have positive thoughts if all you do is speak that to the universe.  That’s kind of like writing an email to all of these people you want to meet and then sending it only to yourself.  Message received..???

If you’re going to try and call in a relationship, you need to actually call it in.  Not to the universe in general, but to people.  This requires a combination of a few things.  First, be where people are.  It would be great if Amazon provided relationships and you could have them delivered to your doorstep in 48 hours, but as they haven’t created that yet, the person who wants to be found needs to be where people are looking.  Then they need to actually be open to being sought.  So many of us carry around a huge list of don’t wants and are broadcasting it on a continuous loop energetically and in our body language so all people see and hear and feel is the “no.”  Which keeps the good ones away and can attract people with those qualities because…well…that’s what’s being broadcast.

So being available means broadcasting that you’re available to the people you want who have the qualities you want.  Putting out the shingle that says “I’m here” so that people can see you.   Then it’s a matter of speaking the truth, which means being who you really are.  Being unabashedly yourself and enjoying life and not skulking around hoping someone will see underneath all the armour and the masks and the camouflage.  It doesn’t require being brazen or acting out or getting liquored up so that the brakes come off.  It doesn’t require being a spectacle or an extrovert.  Being sought requires that you be real, that you be you, and not go hunting for someone else.  Stand still so they can find you.  Radiate the amazingness that is the truth of you.  Speak the truth by being true to you and remember, they want to find you as much as you want to be found.