“The receptive is a phenomenal power–it attracts, generates, it sets the whole dance in motion.  In the Hindu tradition, divinity is symbolized by a yoni, surrounding a lingam.  The yoni draws the lingam in just as much as the lingam thrusts.  You need both.  Receptive energy is magnetic.  That is how it initiates–it draws what it desires to itself.  It’s what you do when you draw down deity, whether you’re male or female.”

Her words were like klieg lights in a dark cave.  “You’re right! I’ve always thought of receptive as inactive, like an acceptance of nonexistence, taking someone else’s orders, being unable to take the initiative.  But it’s not, is it.”

“The Goddess, Shakti, animates the energy of the God, Shiva, who’s inert until she invigorates and empowers him.  And she does it with sexuality, attraction, pleasure.  The Goddess is the erotic provoker, and without her the God can’t function and the world wouldn’t exist.”

“You’re describing a…pulling in, instead of pushing out of energy,” I said very slowly, the veil on some of my sexual confusion beginning to lift. “I was always doing, or worrying about doing, when we had sex.  Pushing.  I don’t think I even knew how, know how to pull towards me.”

“It’s like breathing…Do it right now, consciously–inhale.”

I did.  It was simple, natural and I immediately felt the power to draw in.

“When a couple makes love, each of them is being active and receptive.  How can you experience the gift of love unless you are open and receptive?”

–Phyllis Curott: The Love Spell