My life is pretty wacky at the best of times.  While the general populace is going to concerts and getting together to yell at the basketball game, shrieking at bad calls by refs and cheering on their favorite players, going out to play games and enjoy the water and sun, I’m writing blogs and working with clients on their past life issues, writing metaphysical classes and reading obscure and ancient texts about spirituality and the occult.  Which, for me, ends up being the same as watching a basketball game and shrieking at the bad calls made by the ref.  I will be avidly reading something, seeing the pattern, putting the pieces together and gathering myself for a satisfied “Yes!” when I read the next portion and start shrieking “WTF……???….!!!!!” It can be comical to see me yelling to apparently no one and stomping around shaking a book, throwing my arms up in astonishment…the cat has gotten over the novelty of it and heads for a different section of the house as it’s hard to sleep through my antics.

Most recently the thing that has begun to drive me crazy is what I call the Occult Problem.  In researching Kabbalah it’s hard not to look at those who work with it in a non religious, alchemical, magical way, wherein they spell it Qabbalah or Qabalah.  It’s the easiest way to discern what perspective someone is coming from.  People speaking from the Jewish view will spell it with a K, those who are interpreting it from a Christian slant us a C, and those who are magicians use the Q.    I don’t have a problem with occult practices in general.  Beauty is as beauty does or, in this case, magicians are as magicians do.  It’s not the practice but the intent and the goal that causes problems.  If you’re out to be a good person, to study how to unfold your own becoming using magic, then fine.  If you’re looking to manipulate the world to your own perspective for selfish ends, power, money, sex, etc, then not so fine and alla that.

So the problem that has me shouting “Foul!”?  The sleight of hand that tries to hide the fact that they don’t know what they don’t know.  All the blather about levels of spiritual accomplishment, hidden oral teachings, knowledge passed down from elder to elder means nothing when you can’t actually define even the base materials and tools you work with.  It’s all like magicians sleight of hand:  don’t notice the man behind the curtain, the wires holding up the girl, the trap door and the false bottom on the box.  They spend tremendous effort pointing out the correspondences of this or that with this other, like trying to describe a lemon without description.  “It’s like an apple, only it is neither round nor flat.  It is female in that it is juicy, but male in its tartness.  It is nourishing to the body yet should not be used for nourishment.  And yet is necessary for life and illness will befall you if you do not intake it in just the right amounts in the right times through the right means.  Which you will learn as you become more adept at working with the lemon.”  All of which tells you nothing about the fact that a lemon is a fruit, where it grows, that it’s green until it’s ripe when it turns yellow, that it’s sour, that it has a rind, or that it grows on trees.

My life is wacky.  Perhaps I should take up a hobby…like playing basketball….