You know how when something is on your mind it seems like that something is everywhere all around you?  Like your mind puts a filter in place and now everything else fades away and all you can see is that thing?  Told you can’t have dairy and suddenly everyone is eating dairy, cooking with dairy, only has dairy on hand?  Thinking about having a family or avoiding having a family and the next thing you know there are pregnant women everywhere?  We’ve all had that happen in our lives.  It happens even more frequently in the spiritual community because the signal goes out more clearly and we’re looking for the synchronicities.

But sometimes what can seem like synchronicity may be something else.  Having that filter in your mind comes from the fact that you’re focusing your attention on something, pulling it to you.  That thing or situation was always there, you haven’t generated, but you’ve now become aware of it or attracted it to come closer.  On the other hand, if we’re actively trying to avoid something in our personal lives, if we’re attempting to not hear the message, not learn the lesson, not step into our truth, then synchronicities will occur as well.  The message has to go somewhere.  If you’ve got a force field around you keeping what you don’t want from reaching you, it’s going to bounce off and land nearby.  It’s going to affect those close to you.  It’s going to saturate the world around you and that can seem like the rest of the world is joining the party.  How amazing!

But it’s not really amazing because it’s avoidance.  Or in psychological terms is transference.  Spiritual people who avoid their lessons sometimes offer them as wisdom for others. I see this in healers and in wisdom teachers.  They attract those who are working on the lessons they themselves are attempting to avoid, then offer the healing and wisdom they should be employing personally and feel virtuous in helping others while remaining unenlightened and unchanged in their own lives.   They perform this sleight of hand trick, taking the message and converting it to wisdom for others over and over again, marveling at the community around them and how it continually improves and changes staying in tune with their own studies. 🙁

If the community around you starts learning the lessons you’ve been struggling with, starts echoing your personal work, take a time out.  Back up and look, not at them, but at yourself.   If you’re the spot where the ripples in the pond start then it’s probably not synchronicity and acknowledgement at work.