Western culture has taught us that spirituality, religion, belief, faith is something that is separate from daily experience.  There is secular life and then there is spiritual life.  And those who merge the two are notable for their ‘difference.’  Clergy of all faiths, those who dedicate themselves to a cause or way of living are the exceptions that prove the rule.

So it comes as a surprise to people who I start each reading by looking at my client’s physical presence.  Because they think that the Akashics is somewhere else divorced from them and the ‘real world’ and that I’m going to do some mystical magic trick to find information about themselves.  The truth is that the soul isn’t separate from the body.  The body is not a meat car our soul is driving at the moment.  It’s an integral and integrated part of who we are in this moment and it is connected to our minds, our emotions, and our soul.  So what is going on with us spiritually is reflected in our bodies, in our thoughts, in our emotions, and in our lives and vice versa.  Looking at a persons physical body tells me volumes about who they are, what their spiritual path is, and what they are working on or working through at that moment.  And that’s very helpful when I go to read their book in the Akashics, because each book is like an Encyclopedia for the soul and that’s a lot of information to try to scan through to find the answers we’re looking for.  It’s nice to be able to narrow the field a bit.

But knowing that, knowing that the spiritual is here in our bodies, that there truly is nothing secular about life at all, that all of our actions are sacred choices makes life funny at times (choosing from Fruit Loops, Life, or Lucky Charms for breakfast as a sacred act is kinda chuckle worthy) but it also makes things very frustrating.  In response to tragedies spiritual pundits and wise advice givers start sharing their opinions that we shouldn’t dwell on negative images and should instead send love.  Which, yes, we should. But we are spiritual beings living in bodies…living…in…bodies.

So we shouldn’t just go inward, radiate love, and go on with our days as if the events exist somewhere else.  They exist here and we are part of here.  No need for retribution, for anger, or for despair, just for action.  As spiritual beings we can use the emotions we feel to spur us to do something, to take one step to improve the world around us in response to a negative act.  Just one thing: donate blood locally, donate to an organization, volunteer for one day to help someone who needs it like visiting an elder care facility.  Play a hand of poker with a vet at the VA near you.  Help meals on wheels deliver food.  Work a few hours to build a home for someone with Habitat for Humanity. Look at the parents of the children from Sandyhook.  They are taking their emotions and making choices, spiritual choices, to improve the world around them, without anger, without recriminations, with the inexorable truth that they will wear on their bodies forever.

In the face of tragedy, choose to be the spirituality you feel and act on it.  Let your love, your grief, your sense of self shine through and make this world a better place, one act of humanity at a time.