It has come to be commonly agreed that some people have “addictive personalities” which means that doctors and specialists in Western culture cannot find a cause/effect reason for a person to be addicted to a substance or activity. So basically there is no reason for you to smoke or drink heavily or eat too much, it’s just the way you are. Unfortunately, what should really be said is, we don’t look at human beings holistically and so we can’t see the underlying cause and so we’re going to blame you and give up or treat you with pills and harsh regimens.

Well, hooey! We each have free will and we all make choices, however, as anyone who has ever tried to lose a couple of pounds knows, all the will power in the world won’t solve the problem. In my experience people who have struggled with their weight are some of the most focused, talented, and willful people in the world. But if you can’t figure out what is causing you to keep the weight or add it, then doing things to try and stop will be fruitless.

Your soul book in the Akashics and your guides understand you more holistically that perhaps anyone else can as they see the entirety of who you really are. Not only will the reason for your addiction and the choices you have made be recorded there, but your guides can help you to form a plan to remove the addictions from your life. Not like waving a magic wand, but working with you to help and support you as you take the necessary actions to make the tremendous change in your life, if you are ready to make that change.