Most people, when learning about or working with the Akashics are dealing directly with the Akashic Library.  Which makes sense because most people doing so are looking for answers, working on self-exploration, seeking healing, etc., etc., etc.  As the Library holds a great many answers and beings who can help people find the answers, it makes sense to focus there.  However, over time, people have come to think of the Library AS the Akashics instead of just a part of it, which is very limiting.

The Akashics is a great deal vaster than any one building.  In fact it does have an amazing city of which the Library is only one small facet.  Yet the city is just a small blip in a huge landscape full of so much more to explore.  One aspect that my students sometimes experience is the lawn directly outside the Temple of life and the Lake just at its foot.  It’s a place where many beings come to find peace and a bit of relaxation so there are usually numbers of people enjoying the sun and the water.  And as I help my students experience their affinities for winged creatures in conjunction with their introduction to the Temple, some have even been able to transform into a winged creature and explore the local area including the woods beyond the lake and the foothills of the mountain beyond that.

Another place I like to take students is the garden maze.  Teachers can meet with students there and utilize it’s complicated patterns to help them release old mental patterns and preconceived notions so as to open to new means of perceiving the issue the are working on.  If you can see the obstacles, structures, challenges, and opportunities in a new way you can many times come up with new resolutions and take on new understandings about the questions as well as the answers.

For the next couple of months I’ll be working on writing a class that guides students through an exploration of a portion of the Akashics that is not connected to the Library. It is a place set aside for those who are seeking to find their calling, their soul’s path in this lifetime.  I’m excited to share this and to see my students take on the challenge of working with spiritual teachers in this manner.