blindmenandelephantDescriptions of the Akashics suffer from the ‘blind man and the elephant‘ syndrome.  The Akashics is a place, but it is an amazingly vast place full of a great deal more than most people have or ever will experience.  And people’s ability to experience it vary depending on the techniques they use and their skill set.  Add to this the fact that many who are reporting their experiences have not had the experience directly at all, they are reporting descriptions given to them through channeling.  And still others are reporting their experience as if it were the truth for all instead of one experience geared towards communication based on their needs and wants and expressed questions.

All of which is to say that no one person’s description or explanation of the Akashics is definitive.  It’s just one piece of a much greater whole.  I see this even working with my students through guided meditation.  I take my students to the Temple of Life in the Akashics.  They are directed there through a very particular path and should arrive in one particular area.  That’s the theory, anyway. 🙂 However, the point of the meditation is self as well as Akashic exploration and so I leave things open ended enough that the person can explore and experience whatever they need at the time.  And the results are always fascinating.

The Temple of Life is a vast space with many different structures in it including cavern ceremony spaces, outdoor courtyards, rooms to interact with various spectrums of light, the effects of harmonics, the nature of symbolic life forms, and all other facets of living beings.  Students have arrived at all of these spots instead of the central area and been drawn to explore.  And each student initially confuses where they have been as some other temple or as having done something uncomfortably different from what the meditation directed.  But it’s just a matter of the blind man and the elephant.  They were exactly where they needed to be, just in an area that better fitted them than the one I described in the meditation.  As they spend more time there exploring that come to realize how vast the Temple is and that it could take several lifetimes to explore it all.

So when I read other people’s descriptions of the Akashics and they seem very different from what I have experienced and what my network of peers has discussed, I don’t see them as a contradiction, I see them as one more person adding information to the mix.  It’s when they see their experiences and the meaning they ascribe to them as definitive that I shake my head.  Because if you aren’t able to work in collaboration with all the others, how will you ever learn about the rest of the elephant?

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