People think that emotions don’t lie.  I think that’s true, but I think we get confused by what they are actually saying.  Sometimes we think they are connected with one person, pointing outwards, when they are referring to something within us that needs to be fulfilled or healed, pointing inwards.  Sometimes we think that feelings we have for someone mean something when they do not or they mean something specific or intimate when they refer to something else.

Emotions can seem to lie if they are kept too much at the surface, if they ignore the facts of things, if they are used to try and influence or coerce situations into being something other than what they are.  The thing to note is the emotions themselves aren’t doing the lying, we are. Often we are afraid of knowing the truth that the emotions are telling us and we work hard to avoid it.  We don’t want to change, to admit the truth of who we are and what we need to do or heal.  Fear of the unknown keeps us avoiding the truth.  We make things more complicated, expend huge amounts of energy through avoidance, we create a life full of actions and behaviors that create a wall around that particular truth which is constantly trying to subvert our efforts because it needs to be acknowledged.

Emotions, if allowed to speak, if allowed to exist, to be in the body and the heart, to be felt and experienced, speak volumes of truth.  This isn’t a magic wand that heals all hurts and makes life a happily every after scenario.  But it doesn’t pull the curtain back to let us see the underlying forces that have been driving things.  It does allow us to let go of the unseen and unknown, to get rid of the boogeyman in the closet.  It gives us the ability to unfold the amazing uniqueness of ourselves, all the potential and wonder, all that could be becomes possible if we’re only willing to experience, acknowledge, and incorporate the emotional truth.