So many of us know exactly what we should be doing and how to get there from here, but we don’t trust that knowing.  The world around us tells us to be something else.  Tells us that the impractical, the illogical, the unique, the non-lucrative is something we should avoid at all costs.  Be safe, conform, get with the program, be what everyone else needs.

But for many of us that’s not who we are nor what we need to do.  The problem is that saying “no,” while a completely valid response, is one of the most frightening.  No separates us.  No means that I’m rejecting what the world around me says.  No means I have to rely on myself.  No means I need to be ready to actually do what I want to do.  But wanting and doing are two completely different things!  Doing makes it real and becoming who we actually are is a revolutionary act which can be too frightening to contemplate.

So here’s the thing.  Trust yourself.  You don’t have to slay the dragon today, just take a step towards the path less traveled.  That’s saying “Yes!”  In stead of saying “No” say “Yes” to being who you truly are.  Say yes to one thing each day that validates your soul, that brings a smile to your face, that lights up your heart.  Say yes to one thing that makes a difference to you and only you.  Set yourself free.  Then when someone comes up to you and starts telling you to be someone else it will be easy to say “no.”