It’s amazing how much our priorities mandate how our days will play out.  Not just in what we do, but in how we do them, and how they create or detract from our quality of life.  Making ourselves the last in priority ranking guarantees that things will go against us. It’s not that the things we need won’t’ get done.  Oh, they will.  Our essential needs such as for shoes with no holes or clothes that cover enough we wont’ get arrested for indecency, those things will get taken care of.  However, it won’t be in a pleasant, enjoyable, or even long lasting way.  When we are the last priority we tend to our personal needs via crisis management.  We only attend to them when they have become a crisis that interrupts the rest of our lives, basically when they infringe on other priorities.  We only pay attention to them when there is no other choice.  We reinforce the fact we’re not a priority and double down on that by making anything we need a hassle, a negative, and a disruption, therefore to be avoided.  Don’t even think about a want, btw.  That’s not even in this equation.

Changing the priority of things can seem like a selfish act, like a rebellion, like tossing adult responsibility to the wind because we have obligations and needs that must be met for others.  Kids need to get fed and dressed, jobs want us there on time (doh!), work has to get done, errands need to be run, all of this is non-negotiable.  And I would agree with that on GP’s.  None of that is extraordinary or out of bounds.  However, none of it will flush down the toilet if it gets adjusted in priority order, either.  In fact, not only will all of that still get done, but changing our priorities around can make these things a pleasure rather than a weight we carry, allow us to still have energy at the end of the day, and to be able to do more or to get the same amount done by doing less.  How is that magic possible? By making yourself the first priority.

If you are the first priority each day, then everything you do takes on a completely different context.  If you are priority #1 then you won’t rush out of bed frantic because you’re already behind and do everything as fast as possible with everyone else on your mind and half of your work day already planned out.  (Which doesn’t get any more work done, it’s a business equivalent of worrying, which has no real benefit) Instead, you will have already set the intention that morning is solely for your healthy morning routine which includes getting yourself ready to goto work, you know, hygiene, clothing, breakfast, spending time with your loved ones enjoying the morning process or just enjoying the morning, and enjoying them, as well as helping them get ready for the day.  It doesn’t at all change the amount of time spent, it doesn’t change what gets done other than cutting out things that are unproductive, and it gives you tons of energy and happiness to fuel your day right along with the good breakfast you had.  Just that one small change takes a portion of the day that “must be gotten through” and “survived” and makes into a positive time you can look forward to and enjoy.  Both get you where you want to be, so which one would you prefer?

If throughout the day and the week you change the priority list by making yourself the first priority you’ll find other areas such as lunch and after work where it will shift things as well. Which means you’re happier and healthier with more energy to simply breath. That of course radiates out to everyone you are around, making things better for them, plus you aren’t constantly suffering so you are better at your job and life in general.  So why are you doing this already?  Hmmmm…..