“Tell me what I need to live my best life?”  -Um…world peace or whirled peas….and a pbj sandwich.  Seriously.  Could the question be broader and therefore more useless?  It’s not that we shouldn’t be asking.  It’s not that we shouldn’t be seeking.  It’s that in the asking we don’t pay attention to what we’re actually asking and in all the seeking we don’t stop seeking even though we’re tripping over and sometimes trampling the answers.

So many people spend years if not decades asking these extremely open-ended questions trying to give the responsibility for their lives and their spiritual path to spiritual beings who has more wisdom, more insight, more spiritly spiritness and continually struggle because none accept it.  They wait for signs that don’t come while their guides put the same images in their head over and over again, endlessly looping an answer which is “Well, your question is way too broad for any of us to answer, but attending to this really crucial thing you keep ignoring would head things in the right direction.”  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Asking and seeking are important.  But listening and making time to receive answers are just as important. If we aren’t available to take calls, aren’t responding to texts, aren’t checking our email, and don’t show up for meetings, how in the heck do we think the answers are going to come?  How irritating would it be if someone were constantly asking you the exact same question over and over and ignoring every response you gave? So before you ask one more time what you need to know to live your best life, find happiness, meet that perfect someone, or discover the path you should be on, take some time out to just listen.  Get off the beaten path.  Do something quiet just for yourself.  Let yourself calm down and be still.  If that means you immediately fall asleep, then do. You’ll be amazed at how many answers come flooding in when you open a space to let them in.