My life is about helping people figure out whether they are on their path, what their path is, and what the plan is for following it in the best way possible.  What’s interesting is that most people imagine their path as a tightrope they have to walk and that the problem is they are blindfolded and clumsy and have been spun around a few times so they can’t even tell where the rope is.  What I see in their soul books is that the path is as wide as an 18 lane super highway.  We make them that way on purpose so the chances of us getting off them somehow is minimized.  It’s not impossible.  I work with clients who have managed it.  However, it rarely happens randomly or through happenstance.

Most people are on their path.  It’s what they are doing on their path which is frustrating and endearing and charming and hilarious…  I’ve seen people weaving like drunks after a New Year’s party along their path, people standing in the middle of the path looking down at their feet and asking where they should go, people standing at the crossroads with the sign pointing “Go this way!” and they keep looking around for some indicator of which way to head, and still others who have been dancing along it and thought there was something wrong or missing because following the path should be a lot of work and heavy lifting, right?

We may not be walking it the way we thought, we may not be walking it as fast as we planned, but most of us are actually walking the path.  Because it’s not a conveyor belt meant to get us to some goal where we as a mutant super hero save the day at the expense of our own happiness, but an amazing trip with all kinds of goals and events and experiences to participate in.  It’s a ribbon of road in which we see everything because we’re walking it under our own power, smelling every scent, feeling every breeze.  What I point out to my clients is wisdom given to me by a chef in a cooking class.  “There are two ways to cut things with a knife. Fast and accurate or the way you’re doing it.  You get to choose.”  You aren’t blind, your path isn’t a tightrope, and how fast you walk it, how much you get done in this life is up to you.