The last section of all soul books is the Life Roadmap.  It works with the Embodied Life Record and the Relationship Map to gather all the information about that current life and plot out all the opportunities available, from conception to the grave, as “if/then” statements, meaning that “if” this choice is made “then” this path is taken, these opportunities become available and this choice will come next if you continue on this path.  All of the information gathered and noted in the Embodied Life Record, all the calculations, opportunities and possible outcomes are converted here into a map, a two dimensional web which allows the life to layout visually in all its complexity. Each choice is a nexus moving the soul in a direction towards the next array of choices and away from many others.

Reading a Life Roadmap is a bit like experiencing a living masterpiece in a gallery.  Standing in front of a Monet or a Gauguin is a full body experience that takes us, for a moment, back to the experience of being the spiritual beings we truly are.  Opening ourselves to that way of knowing when working through the Roadmap allows us to view it without judgment and to become aware of all the possibilities it presents.  Paradoxically, it also roots us in linear experienced time in a way even more profound than that provided by past life records. While the map is showing us potential events and opportunities not yet taken, it is also showing all the opportunities in an ever updating ever creating real world timeline.  I liken this to cartooning where the artist creates the original sketch or drawing in pencil and when satisfied they complete it by inking it in permanently.  Similarly the Roadmap is written by the Embodied Life Record in what I term pencil, albeit colored and constantly in movement, but as the life is lived, as choices are made and paths are travelled, a record of this is inked in over the penciling.  All that has come to pass is now a permanent record, all other opportunities either concluding or continuing based on those choices and actions.  It is therefore relatively easy to see where the soul is on the path, what has led them to their current life situation and what paths and choices and opportunities lie before them.

From this, just the overwhelming amount of choices and options, activities and experiences shown on the Roadmap we can become overwhelmed and begin to feel that life is all random chance and we are just a leaf floating on a stream with no control, just a little speck in the immensity of life.  And this is where our goals and preplanning come in.  We co-create our existence in part because our soul helps us navigate through all of these stimuli.  And this is where the artistry comes in.  Because through all of these straight lines and angles and paths our soul helps us keep on track by spiraling us through our lives on an ever turning trajectory.  When we are meant to learn something or experience something or become something and the choices we make lead us away from this, the opportunity is not lost.  It comes around again arriving in a new form, in a new way, altering to fit with who we have become, giving us another chance at following our soul path. Some people experience this as the Universe speaking to us through circumstances.  An event catches our attention, but we shake it off as coincidence.  Then a similar thing happens, but it’s bigger and more obvious.  If we continue to ignore it the events can become so obvious that even unknowing bystanders can see and understand the meaning and implications.