So much has been written about manifesting.  I don’t usually weigh in because people have become habituated to thinking that it’s about thinking and control.  You are controlling your destiny, the world around you, just by your thoughts.  Which just makes my mind boggle.  Because if our thoughts manifested things so easily then children’s lives would be full of spandex wearing people jumping through the house roaring around saving things, destroying things, and making dramatic statements that are overly obvious.  A great number of homes would be very serious “Tick” episodes and the kitchens would be overflowing with every junk food and candy known to man.

Don’t even get me started on the porn that would be flowing out of every nook and cranny.  So I believe it is safe to say that thinking about things, even obsessively thinking about things, doesn’t make it so.  Manifesting isn’t the ability to get your every wish fulfilled.

Meanwhile, manifesting can and does happen every day.  And not just with elbow grease and plodding through life.  But it’s a process that includes every aspect of your being, not just your brain.  In fact, the brain is really the smallest part of the manifestation team.  To manifest something, first you must want something.  Not from a sense of lack or of entitlement, but because it’s a dream you haven’t yet fulfilled.  You have to want something that makes you happy in a soulful way, like having the home of your dreams, working in a career that fulfills you, or becoming something you always knew you could be like an artist or an aid worker or a doctor.

Once you have the dream, you turn on all of your systems to know that the dream will come true.  You know it in your heart where it is a persistent feeling that can’t be dissuade by logic or events.  It’s an irrational knowing that wears away at obstacles like water wears away stone.  And you know it in your body which gives you the feeling of completeness and serenity every time you focus on the dream, supporting you in taking all the necessary steps to reach it. You know it in your soul which allows you to see that regardless of what anyone says or does, this is the right goal for you and matches who you truly are in this moment.  Then and only then do you focus your brain on the issue and allow the problem solving system to help you figure out how to get from here to there.  And the key to manifesting is knowing that it is not you against the world, it is you working with the world to get the job done.  Because if you are flexible to be connected with what is and work with it to create what can be, then things flow, not without resistance, but with support to become what you know they can be.