Believe it or not, you are a mystery written by yourself unfolding before you each and every day. You are even more mysterious to those around you because they only see parts of the mystery. They don’t know motivations, or lack thereof, and they don’t understand the full picture the way you live it.  For some that is a scary idea and they don’t want anything to be unknown or surprising.  For others they’ve been taught that they aren’t responsible for anything because others in authority take care of everything.  So they can do whatever they way because God or however they understand God will forgive them, support them, and all the have to do is some little token and they are off the hook.

But there’s this thing called ‘Free Will’.  It’s a wild card.  We can do whatever we like whether it’s right or wrong or neither or both.  With that comes responsibility.  Because we can choose, we are responsible for what we choose.  And what can be even more frustrating, we are responsible when we don’t choose.  No one can take that responsibility away from us no matter what they do.  We will always have it.

Now to me that’s exciting and a gift because the world is not predetermined and I have the opportunities to make my life into what I want with what I have around me right now.  And I can’t know in any given moment what will happen.  I mean, life is what happens while we’re making plans, right? So this interplay of my choosing and things happening the world make a great unfolding mystery.  And I peek at how the mystery is going and what big thing might be coming up next in the Akashic records by looking at my Soul Book.  It helps me understand where I have come from, the situations around me, and the ramifications of certain larger choices coming in the future.  Which I love because it always helps to know who all the characters are in the mystery, even if it doesn’t help me figure out who dunnit or what’s coming next.