Trust is a small word for a huge concept.  For some it is something given automatically and then either flourishes or dies a slow death from abuse.  For others it’s something that is earned through good intentions followed by good actions repeated over time.  It something that some people never offer or feel having had it killed in them when they were very little.

Personally I struggle with trust.  Or truthfully I trust that human beings will be human, narrow focused on the minutia of their lives, casually unkind and mostly uninterested in anything but what serves them through the day.  I’m therefore pleasantly surprised to delighted when I find someone who is kind, warm, genuine and looks at more than just themselves.  It’s a pleasure and I’m happy to say I know many people like that, but not as many as I could wish for.

My experience therefore leads me to struggle with trust in myself, in being capable of achieving happiness and good things and also trust in the Universe to provide for me.  It’s hard to step away from the day-to-day and get back to the center of me which is good and connect with the Universe which is good and trust that we are ever-present and guiding my actions.  Especially when I’m stuck in traffic and I’m mouthing angry words at the other driver.

Trust is a small word, a big concept, and sometimes hard to hold onto in the heat of the moment.  Slippery little devil.