I was having a conversation with someone recently, talking about the Akashics, when they asked, “How much of our lives are about this?”  I wasn’t quite sure what they meant, but after a bit of questioning it became clear they were talking about this embodied life.  So the question was, how much of our true lives, the lives of our spirit, is dedicated to embodiment.  To which I responded, “Very little.”

Even though a great many of us have lived hundreds of embodied lives, in fact most people I work with have so many its difficult for me to wade through them to find what I’m looking for, it’s a drop in the bucket of their total existence, which is lived in the Akashics and may have nothing to do with this planet, embodiment, or the physical universe at all.  The human brain is an amazing organ able to conceive of wonders never seen, invent things that have never existed, and write tales of lives never lived, but it is mostly limited by its experience and its innate need to keep us safe and healthy which means keeping us at the top of the food chain.  Hence we are taught that man is the ultimate form of existence, that we are made in the image of spiritual beings (which really means that we can anthropomorphize spiritual beings), and that we are meant to ‘manage’ all other forms of life.

Yeah, well….that’s lovely, and it keeps our attention where it’s supposed to be in a physical life, which is focused on ourselves.  Being in a body is hard and takes quite a bit of effort and then there is all that thinking and doing and interconnecting beyond just survival which needs to be attended to.  But when we are no longer in bodies, we’re not focused on all that and we remember that this is only one means of existing and there is so much more to….everything…than this.  And we are part of that.  An integral part of that.  Which is one of the many reasons I love reading people’s soul books.  Because who we are and what we do when we are not living an embodied life is written there.  And each one is stunning and beautiful and I find that seeing it, reading it, causes me to laugh in delight and wonder.    So yes, there is life beyond this.  We’re only here for a brief moment. And we are eternal underneath it all and return to the wonders we have left wiser, better, and more complete in order to more fully delve into all that is possible for us at home…in the Akashics.