Because we are humans, bipedal beings who rely on intelligence rather than strength or speed for our survival and well being, and because we are taught in our culture that we are the top of the food chain and made in the image of the supreme being, we assume that anything on ‘the other side’ would look like us, act like us, and basically be us with slight tweaks for wisdom or awesomeness factors.  Anything that doesn’t look or act like us would be at the least ‘less than’ and at the worst total anathema and inimical to our mental and spiritual well being.  It’s logical in that while we’re in these bodies we forget all that we know about the rest of the universe, how things actually work and that this is just a temporary situation.  But it can create blind spots in our ability to accept non-conforming facts, experiences, and perspectives.  I suspect this is the root cause why so many people see things in the Akashics which are wholly human centric and talk as if these are central to the place instead of only one small part.  Their inability to accept or even realize there is more leads them to only access this portion and give it a relevance it might not otherwise deserve.  And it prevents them from noticing all the beings around them that are not bipedal, human variant beings or that those they do seem might be putting on that ‘form’ in order to be seen by the person.  It’s a bit like wearing blinders and saying that the entire world is flat and hard and made of asphalt when all around are amazing buildings, rolling hills, and abundance of every variety.

Coming from a culture that doesn’t perceive humans as the top of any hierarchical structure, in fact we see things as all interconnected in circles and spheres, it’s easier to get in touch with beings who aren’t in any way humanoid nor do they interact with the world in that manner. Native American culture honors all aspects of life as equal to humans as goes beyond this to seek them out as teachers, as holding wisdom that humans tend to forget.  This is not about idolatry any more than asking a leader in any professional field a question about their speciality.  It’s about honoring the wisdom of the individual and learning from it in order to become a better version of the self.  This is what we mean when we speak of totems.

In most Native American cultures, people are identified by their totems, and are born into clans which are identified with animal spirits.  This is in part because they see animals are integral to life, therefore respect and value as much as humans or even more so.  Animals are also seen as wise elders, teachers who help people discover and develop their true nature and manifest it in the physical in order to live the best life possible making each action improve life for everyone and everything.  Hence the use of feathers, claws, fur, leather, and teeth in art, clothing, and sacred items.  It honors the totem and imbues the user with a deep connection to their totem and themselves.

Totems represent aspects of our souls made physical.  They are expressions of our true selves, our hearts/souls/bodies in harmony, expressing themselves in the world.  Like astrological signs or the Chinese year you were born into, your totem is a key to aspects of your essential nature.  Unlike those others it is something you can experience holistically through the Akashics, for you are your totem.