I have written a great deal about The Akashics Soul Books and The Soulpeople’s Akashic Records or their Soul Books and you can find this information accumulated in one place in my free e-book, The Akashics, Soul Books, and the Soul.  However, its summer and I thought it might be good to do a quick recap of the essentials.  So in brief:

Most people who have heard of the Akashics have only heard it spoken about as the Akashic Library, the repository for Soul Books.  But this is only one small part of the Akashics.  In fact that is only one building in an immense city and there is a great deal more outside the city to experience and explore.

Most people focus on their own Soul Book in the Akashic Library and understandably so.  Because they are wanting to know more about themselves, their purpose for being here, their past lives and such.  But Soul Books are only one type of book in the Library and there is more than just books there.   And it is not an empty space, but a lively place full of people and other beings and Librarians trying to help them all to learn what they are seeking to learn.

Then there are the actual Soul Books.  Many people think of them like Tarot or crystal balls or some wise guide that is just waiting to impart some vital message.  But they are not oracles nor are they waiting for anything.  They are living documents holding all the information about each soul from the time is came into being until now.  Some of the information is historical such as the information on past lives and their meanings.  Some of it is held in reserve while a soul is embodied such as the knowledge of who the soul really is when it is not embodied or the career it employs when home in the Akashics.  And some are constantly updating such as the notes made about this life, the reasons for living it, and the goals to be achieved during its brief duration.  Or the opportunity map which adjusts with each choice made, each direction taken, each decision that one thing is not part of this life and another is.  Like an Encyclopedia or a Dictionary, it contains everything, but has no specific message to impart.  It is a reference book available to the viewer and what is gained from it comes from the questions asked and the information sought.

So accessing the Akashics and reading Soul Books is less about being a passive recipient of wisdom and more about being an active participant in the process of creating your life.  Knowing that you have the ability to be a part of the process, what life do you want to create today?