Everyone experiences this at some point, most often as a child.  You are told about something and you imagine it in your head, then when it actually happens it looks completely different.  Like the first trip to Disneyland or the first time you see the beach for example.  This also happens to those who read beloved books and then see them made into movies.  People have some pretty strong reactions to seeing characters portrayed in a certain way when they’ve seen it differently in their heads.  In particular I remember thinking “???” when I saw the actor they chose for Inspector Lynley because in the books he’s not only British Aristocracy, he’s blonde with blue eyes.  The actor is someone I really enjoy watching, but he’s most definitely brunette.

Life is like that as well.  You may have plans to achieve something your want or need, but the implementation takes on its own life and what you receive looks totally different from what was in your head.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can take a bit to get used to.  You could be looking for the man of your dreams and imagine him to be tall, dark and handsome while being good, supportive, into traveling and antiquing, and what you get is your height, strawberry blonde, average, but good, supportive, into traveling and antiquing and also rich.  Go figure. Or you could be looking for the perfect house and find one that you love but needs work and one that meets all your needs but you’re neutral about it.  Ok, so it’s not a castle and you don’t have servants and everything isn’t perfect, but it will be your house.  So it doesn’t look like you pictured it would.  What does your heart say?  Trust yourself.

Your dreams are your own and you should weave them into your life and imagine them complete and see yourself living them.  Then set them free and start acting on them.  They won’t end up looking like what you imagined, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how they do look and they will probably end up being better than anything you could come up with.