We’re still in the beginning of the year and there are a lot of us who are still recovering or hung over from all the emotional things that happened last year.  Year of the goat, thankfully, is not an explosive year of impactful events, thank goodness, but a time for long-term planning, really meaningful progress on plans already in action, and starting the actions that manifest things into reality.  So while we’re taking our deep breaths, getting grounded and gathering ourselves to start moving forward once again, we might want to check the overall game place, the schematics we’re working with, the blueprint and make sure we’re in sync.

There’s a tendency right now for people to think small, to make-do, to decide on “good enough” and set their sights accordingly.  I mean, that’s practical, right?  Make lemonade out of lemons and alla that.  But I saw a post a couple of months ago that had me laughing.  It said “When life hands you lemons squeal and jump for joy because, you know, free stuff!”  Which is so true.  Making do is usually what happens when other people hand us stuff and we think that’s all we’re going to get.  The hand me down expectations, the emotional fallout from their experiences which they have fashioned into the physics of how the world works, the baggage from a lifetime of being told “this is the way it is.”

This year, open your hands and drop all the things you’ve been carrying that you were handed by other people. Let go of the experiences you’ve been dragging around with you as if they are going to help you in the future somehow.  This is a year where you can start living the life you want. You can start taking steps towards the career and the life and the joy that you deserve.  Stop thinking small and you’ll stop getting small outcomes. Thinking big at least gets you in the right ballpark.