When we get into the beginning of a year we’re somewhat geared up to think that new things are starting, that new projects and challenges are forming, that we’re getting a fresh new start on things.  What we don’t take into account is that with any new anything, there’s a bunch of prep work that takes place.  Most people don’t paint the walls without washing them and even priming them first.  And then there’s the taping off if you want crisp edges or a specific design.  There’s prep that gets done before you get started.  If you want to be gardening this year then the soil needs to get turned.  Stones need to be removed, you might need to amend things in order to get it set for what you’re planting. You might even have to build the beds from scratch.

Plus it’s winter.  Winter isn’t a time for new things to spring up, it’s a time for mending what got used last year, cleaning up, taking stock of what you’ve got so you know what you need.  It’s a time for wrapping up loose ends, getting to those projects you’ve put off for a while, and making ready for the road ahead.  Sure, things are happening, they are getting back on track, they are shifting and changing and moving, but it’s all prep work.  It’s clean up from the rocky ride we had last year and getting ready for this one.  Because you can’t see your way clear ahead if the windshield is dirty, there are bugs on your goggles, and you still have your head down.

So take the time, get things set right, put your house in order.  Take a moment to breathe in this life that you’ve achieved so far. There’s time enough to plunge into what’s coming.  It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  It’ll be there when you’re ready.