There are a lot of practitioners out there who work with a technique or a practice and have been doing so for years.  Soul healers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, aura readers, tarot readers, you name it, there are people out there practicing it.  And that’s a very good thing.  Because all of these skills and perspectives are ancient means of keeping us healthy and helping us live or lives to the best of our ability.  Some are like vitamins we should take on a regular basis to prevent problems from occurring and others are best used as remedies when problems occur.

But having one tool or a few tools in the tool kit is no longer what is called for.  More and more people are realizing that to live a healthy and balanced life they need a bit of all of these things at various times and they don’t have the time or the inclination to find a different practitioner each time they need something.  And, as most of us have found out through working with Western Medicine, dealing with GPs and specialists of all sorts causes confusion in diagnosis, lost records, conflicting prescriptions and a many headed hydra response to issues which are not separate at all, in reality, but just various symptoms of one over all or underlying problem.

Akashic ExplorationAt the same time, practitioners are finding that what they have been doing for these many years is no longer working.  Either their business is dwindling as clients are no longer drawn to them or they are no longer interested in doing the work.  More and more I hear from my peers about this nagging feeling they have that they need to change what they are doing, maybe get out of the business all together, but they have no idea what to do now.  And in working with them, it has become clear that this is not a signal that their work is over, but instead that their work has just begun.  They just need to go deeper.

It is time to move away from specialization as we have understood it and to move even more closely towards holistic healing.  To be equally conversant in the body, the soul, the mind and the heart.  To be a life coach/counselor as well as a physical therapist.  To read tarot after using Ayurveda to determine the nature of the issues the client is having, rather than what they perceive.  To use yoga to help people contact their core, then have them create art to express what they have found.  Just to point out a few examples of what is out there.  People need to go deeper, to experience more profoundly who they truly are, and even more, to learn how to bring that knowledge into their daily lives and begin living an authentic life.  Practitioners and white lighters are being called to more fully explore their service work, their abilities, their own selves and expand their practice into more dimensions of being.  It’s time to see what’s next, to go deeper into our selves and see who we become.