Most people hope for good things to come and look forward to enjoying them as they occur.  Kind of like pearls on a string, the good things are expected to come one at a time because we kinda set ourselves up to think that at best life is ‘meh’ with some good in it and sometimes worse than that.  Only the lucky people have lots of good things happening all at once.

Oh, except when it’s a Horse year.  Horse is not only all about the now, but have you every seen a Horse on their own enjoying life?  They don’t have just one good thing come and then another and then another in a tidy line so they can process things one at a time.  They choose from an array of good things including grass to eat, sun to warm them, dust (or mud) to roll in, plenty of energy to frolic with, objects to draw their interest and be curious about, other beings to be with, as well as space to run just for the heck of it.  You rarely see a horse get focused and just move in one direction for a long period of time unless someone is riding them or they are running away from something.  Otherwise it’s eat for a while, check that out, go drowse for a bit, run because there’s sunlight, go over here and check things out, eat for a while…. and while to us this might seem random, it’s actually a continual choice to be present in the moment and to choose between a multitude of good things.

We as humans have a very had time with the ‘choosing between good things’ process.  Our minds really want to be able to sort good things from not good things and to add the moral ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ to them which makes the choosing easier and the meaning easier to categorize and sort and store.  Here’s a bin for ‘good’ and here’s a bin for ‘bad’ and let’s sort all these opportunities, shall we?  But Horse could care less about bins unless they have food in them.  Horse cares about what is right in this now which will change with the next now, which doesn’t make the previous one wrong or bad, it just makes it previous.  To Humans this can feel like we’re all over the map, wanting one thing this moment and something completely different the next and our mind tries to take control of the situation and rein it in (lol – horse pun) and it doesn’t work.   Horse year is about stretching us into the now which means this one and the next one and the next all of which may be completely different, moving in different directions, seemingly contrary and yet all relevant and all full of wisdom.

So happiness and opportunities!  Yay!!!  Choices!!  Whoo Hooo!!!  Oh wait, too much of a good thing can be difficult to deal with.  Welcome to the year of the Horse.  🙂