Lots of people want to know what’s blocking them from being their best selves or keeping them from the thing they want, their best life, whatever.   The answer to this can go a couple of ways: a)  They already know what the issue is and so this is just validation.  b) They have absolutely no idea what this is and it’s a revelation they have to take in which changes their world.

For me either of those scenarios is satisfying professionally.  Validation is great because they enjoy knowing that I can actually do what they’ve asked me to do and it tells them they know what the issue is, which is “the devil you know” kinda thing.  Could be great in that it rules out any other shoe to drop or it could be a *sigh* “so I really do have to tackle _____?”  Yup.  Revelation is great because it’s all uncharted territory.  Can be scary in its vastness but also rich in possibilities.  Sometimes it’s disappointing for clients because too much choice is almost too daunting.  They want to hear that they should be X and take these steps to achieve that, but the fact usually is that they have options and many of them, but usually there are a number of steps between here and there that they can work on.

The hard situation for me is when the situation is about revelation but what is revealed is not what the person wants to hear.  When someone is in a spot where they can’t sense what they are supposed to do, can’t hear their own guidance, and they have one specific thing they want to do, this can lead to a huge ‘fail’ because that usually means they are off track (as outlined by the notes they left for themselves prior to this life) and that they need to step back and take another run at it.  It’s not usually that they have made a mistake or a misstep along the way and are trying to get back to who they truly are, they, most often, trying to avoid who they really are for one reason or another and they have been amazingly successful.  This is hard for me because they don’t want to hear what’s written in their book once I get into it, they can’t connect with it, they don’t want to consider it and they ask if I can find anything else that matches what they are currently doing.  In some instances they have asked me to find the one life that is the exact opposite of what they have written and then to see if everything will be all right. (???????)

For some people, what is blocking them isn’t a situation or a decision or a habit, it’s all the choices avoided, the messages ignored, the willful need to not do what is right in front of them.  The need to not be who they really are for one reason or another is so strong that it supersedes everything else.