Life can get out of balance even if we’re leaning in the right direction.  You know, too much of a good thing and alla that.  We can get too open to whatever happens and miss out on the sign posts pointing us towards the amazing next steps awaiting us.  Yes, life is rich and full of opportunities, but if you’ve already ordered your meal and then get up and run after the ice cream truck, you not only miss out on an amazing meal, you leave behind some bad feelings and waste the effort of those who were involved in the transaction.  Being open to opportunity shouldn’t cause us to become the dog from UP! *squirrel*  We can balance being open to opportunities, keeping an open mind and child like wonder while still holding our boundaries, keeping sight of our goals, and shouldering our responsibilities.

We can also get too focused on the goal.  When we get focused on one goal, on one want or need, we channel all of our energy into that to the detriment of everything else.  All other facets of our lives can become converted into facets of the goal or they can become obstacles to overcome instead of being part of a gloriously interconnected life.  Too much focus can get us into a rut seeing only one best way to achieve things and deselecting everything other opportunity because it doesn’t conform to what we want.  We can disregard anything that might divert us from our goal and our plans even though the diversions are diversions but attempts to get us to course correct and stop missing the forest for the trees.

Sometimes life is a roller coaster, sometimes slow and steady wins the race, but having the balance of the dancer, of the yogi, of the martial artist teaches us that it’s not about being rock solid but being able to flow with change, to adjust and shift while still being centered in the self that allows us to achieve and succeed and live.