Working with the Akashics teachings us things in a variety of ways.  Many times we are going there with a particular question or set of questions or a goal(s) in mind and we therefore expect that what we experience are focused on giving us information for those.  This can be great because it keeps us focused but it can also be a stumbling block because it keeps us focused.  We are much more than any one goal or question and the answers we are looking for may be more complex, more varied, and much broader, bigger, or deeper than we envision.

Which is why some people go into the Akashics and experience things which seem odd, wild or completely off track from their goal or expectations.  Someone goes to the Akashics seeking to read their soul book and is led off on a journey to investigate a past life that is replaying scene by scene.  Another person goes and is taken to experience their life as a winged being and meet others.  And yet another sees the physics and mathematics of the dimensional planes that are meeting in that space and is told that they don’t need to see the translated visuals and will be working with this aspect directly.

It’s in the aspects of things that have been unseen or that we’ve not seen because we were so focused that we can find the actual answers.  The bigger meanings appear when you suspend the need to ‘know’ (by which we usually mean control) what something means and instead investigate the situation, let it play out and see what happens.  Because in the unseen aspects comes the ‘aha’ that lead you into whole new aspects of self you never realized existed.