Our culture focuses on logic and science and reproducible results.  Things that can be sensed and proven and depended on.  Well and good.  I’m all for it and find this incredibly useful and common sensical in most day-to-day activities.  Gravity works and alla that.  But this perspective can lead to an over emphasis on the logic brain leading all the other aspects of our being to our detriment.

The logic mind is a problem solver.  It looks at a question or issue or opportunity and tries to figure out all the possible answers and all of their components, does the risk/reward assessment, evaluates all the outcomes and tries to provide us every piece of information we might need to make a choice.  But here’s the thing.  It’s not the one that should be making the choice and yet it’s the one we use to choose things over and over again.  And not very often about the little stuff.  We’re fine letting the rest of us choose the small stuff in life, but the big decisions, we use our brains to chew those to death until we’re sure we have the “right answer.”  And it could be the right answer, but the brain can never be sure.  Because it’s not about making decisions, it’s about solving problems.  And the minute you’ve used it to decide on something, it then picks right up where it left off using that decision as the point to launch off into more problem solving.

So the decision that’s been made becomes the problem to be solved.  And on and on the wheel turns with the brain/hamster running on it and running and running……  So instead of using the brain to make decisions, we need to use our other knowing.  We need to get quiet and go inside ourselves.  We need to step back and listen to the information our body is whispering not so quietly to us.  We need to get quiet and actually feel how we feel about the situation.  We need to let go of the logic and the practical and the expectations of others and listen to our own self and what we really want.  Putting all those things together is part of the decision making process and when you actually tune into all of that you realize that the decision is easy even if what you decide on isn’t an easy thing to do.  You’ll know what is right and right for you.

Once you know that, let your logic brain loose.  Let it have a field day because this is exactly when it’s at its best.  When there is something that needs doing and there’s no plan on how to get there from here or what to do next, the logic brain is on the case and will make sure that everything gets taken care of.  Problem solved.