In the end, all historical evidence to the contrary, we are just as sacred as the sacred spaces we have explored.  This is the secret to consecration, not some mystical power, some Lemurian key, or left over alien DNA.  We are sacred and within us resides sacred space.  We do not need to seek it in some far away other where that is forever out of reach.  We do not need to mourn our separation from it or await some future time when we will return to it.  As spiritual beings we choose to live an embodied life knowing that the bodies we enter are built to support us by helping us forget aspects of our true nature, what would distract us from experiencing this life.  We are meant to live in this condensed form fully experiencing input from our senses, raw emotions in their glory and choice upon choice upon choice all without the hindrance of knowing what we were before and what we will again be afterWe are what we are and our connection to the numinous is eternal and ever present. It is what we utilize to consecrate sacred space, what we draw on to form altars, what we connect with to hear and feel the conversation with the numinous in religious sacred spaces and what awakens when we are in sacred places.  Practicing connection with “I Am,” standing still, centering the self, then stating the truth “I Am” allows you to connect fully and consciously with your soul.  It allows your sacred being to exist in harmony with your consciously lived self, reconnecting all of yourself in one place, making you fully present and fully sacred.

Being sacred doesn’t make us perfect, infallible, or even right, it makes us alive.  It allows us to open ourselves up to being.  It is what each of us experiences when we stay very still and say “I Am.”  That thought, feeling, emotion is our sacrality reaching out to the numinous.  And if we are still enough, open enough, joyous enough, wildly abandoned enough, we may hear it respond back in kind.