…how’s it going with those resolutions?   For those who made them on New Year’s Eve, this is usually the week where real life and common sense kick in, where routine and habit take over, and they get put out with the rest of the holiday decorations to be resurrected next year.  If you’re interested in stopping that cycle and making this the year where you actually do things differently, then this might be of interest.  Kelly McGonigal got interviewed by Ted about will power and resolutions and has some great insights into how we set ourselves up for failure and how we can stop beating ourselves up.

She also has an insightful Ted talk about willpower.  She points out that the science on willpower is discovering the wisdom that Buddhism has been trying to teach us for a while.  Compassion will get you further than punishment and false judgements and expectations can lead you out of yourself and make now a hell on earth.  So let’s start the year off with some compassion for ourselves and see how far we can get towards being who we truly want to be….