The concept of WindHorse (Lungta in Tibetan) is a description of the spirit within each human being.  It is the basic goodness within us seen as energy, as the motivational force for all that we do.  I find the symbol of horse to be amazingly apt when we are talking about human nature, almost stunningly so.  Just like the bronc busters of old most of us in this day and age are bitter and jaded therefore seeing everyone as selfish and/or misguided and needing to be corralled.  Some have come to wisdom through lots of experience and so see people as they truly are: basically good, easily led to either good or bad ends, and healthier and happier when they have good boundaries just like any other domestic animal on the ranch.  And then there are those who work to see the best in everything, who try to see the positive outcome even in the bad and all the rest of society looks at them as naïve dreamers or greenhorns that will figure things out soon enough.

Windhorse is a concept that says human nature isn’t something to be controlled by external forces, but to nurture and learn from and come into harmony with.  Having good or increasing windhorse energy in your life is considered a means for achieving prosperity and happiness in this lifetime.  Coming into harmony with the self, like horse whispering, allows both you and your indwelling spirit to work together for the betterment of everyone and everything around you.  Which amounts to the same thing in the end, if you think about it.  The key to good manifesting isn’t just to think good thoughts, but to bring yourself into harmony with who you truly are and with all that you’re connected with.  Only when you’re in tune both within and without can you co-create to manifest abundance in your life.

So this year being the year of the Horse, that means that its also the year of you. Of your most essential nature.  Of learning what it is, coming into balance with it, and giving it it’s head so it can gallop into the life that’s waiting for you to live it.

For those who want to explore the aspects of WindHorse further there’s a great article here.