In a large number of cultures and spiritualities white animals are seen as sacred.  They are seen as messengers from spiritual beings or as messages themselves of a spiritual nature.  One of the more recent instances of this is the White Buffalo calf which is a blessing from Spirit and a harbinger of the coming new age of peace.  We’re still working on that.  *sigh*

White Horse Chalk HillIn this year of the Horse it’s probably a good idea to look at this side of things as well.  White horses have figured prominently in myth, legend, and story for centuries.  A white horse is carved into the chalk hills of England and has existed for 3000 years.  Pegasus is a familiar feature of Greek mythology.  The unicorn as a white horse shows up in medieval story telling and is eventually coopted by Christianity as a symbol of Jesus and purity.  White horses have quite a bit of meaning and symbology to them.  There is even one in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

In most of the legends, Horse is the connection between the gods (spirit/the Universe) and humans.  It lifts us out of ourselves, helps us achieve what seems out of our reach, helps us see the truth of who we are and to become what is possible.  It is the encouraging companion that tells us to stop moping and get going.  Because the journey can’t start until you get into the saddle and ride.  What message is Horse bringing to you this year?  Where are you to go and when are you going to start?