Sometimes being there and listening is enough.  When someone has been abused and they are recovering and healing, being the person who validates their experience by listening is enough.  In fact it’s golden.  Being there when the good things happen and sharing in the love and the joy is a gift and something we should take seriously too.  They don’t have to share with us, they choose to.  And that’s amazing.

But what about the times when just being there isn’t enough?  What about when you see the bad going down in front of you?  What about when you see someone getting bullied?  What about when you see someone being cheated?  What about when an accident happens and someone has gotten hurt?  What do you do?  There’s no right or wrong answer here, just a question.  What do you, the unique person that you are, do in that situation?

And there is no blanket answer for this, just decisions in the moment.  I’m sure these things or something like them have happened before.  What did you do then?  What choices did you make or not make?  And how did you feel afterwards?  Were you scared?  Were you frustrated?  Were you in danger?  Do you feel satisfied you did all you could?  Are you angry the situation happened at all?  Do you feel that the other person got taken care of and will be all right?  Is their life better for what you did?  Does it matter to anyone other than you?  Should it?

Amazing how important split second situations can be, ain’t it?  🙂  Now get out there and do something wonderful.