Ever notice that spouses, significant others, and children will tell you all year long what they want ad naseum? But when it comes to Christmas time it’s like they all become Buddhist monks not attached to anything except the need to shrug and say “I don’t know.  Whatever you want to get me is fine…” Which, as Admiral Akbar says “It’s a TRAP!”  Yes, you’re expected to remember what they have wanted throughout the year, the most updated version BTW, and get them that without having asked the question.  So there.

However, in looking back, with some very rare exceptions, most everyone will say that what they actually wanted was time.  Time together, time doing things as a group, time to enjoy what was going on rather than rushing through it to get to the next thing, time to really experience things, time to breath and not be sprinting to the finish, time to savor the cooking, open the presents…time.  Time with each other, for each other and for the season.

So give the gift that means the most, the gift of you.  Value you your time, not in how much you have to pack into it, but how much of it you want to have it and allow others to share it with you.  Do you want togetherness time to be crammed in a car coming and going from the mall or out watching the Christmas ships, going to the Zoo Lights, picking out a Christmas tree, sipping egg nog, and listening to the best Christmas music?  You have a choice in how you spend your time.  So what do you really want?