…can hold you back.  Experience is a good thing and one of the building blocks we use in order to evolve and become.  Knowing that hot things burn and you shouldn’t lick a frozen pole are fabulous things that can keep you from harm.  Learning about honesty as the best policy is one thing.  Figuring out that being a distance away when you lay that honesty on someone can be a key to survival.

But experience can mislead us or keep us from experiencing new things.  If we assume that all similar situations will behave or end the same way as one that you’re in, then you will act accordingly and possibly miss out on great opportunities.  If you have one bad date and then let that experience guide you in how you approach and what you expect from all other dates, you’re % of great dates is highly diminished, unless you have enough good dates that the experience gets changed to ‘sometimes there are bad dates.’

This can play out on a cosmic scale as well.  If we have had a past life where an event happen that was life altering or pivotal in some way and if we took a certain action to resolve it that really worked for us, that experience becomes part of who we are and colors all of our actions and decision making after all.  Most of the time that’s a good thing and what we’re looking for as an outcome of experience.  But sometimes it leads us in the wrong direction.  A lifetime where we worked spiritual energy for healing in Greece as a priestess being an oracle and practicing therapy which included sex can be a powerful experience which leaves a deep imprint.  But if we draw on that experience now without factoring in the experiences of today you could get a sex worker who has visions randomly or feel called to be an oracle that sees the remedy to everything as sex magic, when in this life the person was supposed to be a naturopath.

Experiences, whether they are in this lifetime or from a previous life are information like any other source of information.  They are much more personal, but shouldn’t be treated like gravity, a force of nature never to be questioned which forms the basis of our existence.  Experience needs to be taken with a grain of salt because one experience does not reality make and the point of this life is to be gathering more experiences and becoming, which can be difficult if we’re not open to…well….new experiences.