I’m commonly asked what a client’s life plan is or what they should do next.  They want to know what the next step is, what their spiritual goals are, to see everything laid out ahead of them.  And that would be comforting, in a way, because it takes the weight of responsibility off of us and takes away the uncomfortableness of the unknown.  Better to know than to not know, right?

There’s one problem with that, though and that is no one can tell you what to do next or what is going to happen next.  Free will is such a double edged sword that way.  You have the ability to choose anything, be anything, do anything, but you are responsible for making choices.  Your life plan is not a static thing determining your actions, by a dynamic schematic that speaks to what you wanted to do, the things put in place to help guide you to do it, and the paths you’ve taken so far which have brought you to this now in the shape you are in.  Your teachers and angels and guides can point out your options, can point out the issues that are keeping you from seeing clearly or achieving your goals, can help you see what goals you had set, but they can’t mandate what choices you make or what to do next.  That’s all completely up to you.

So the questions is not, what should I do next, but what directions are best at helping me achieve my best and highest self.  Rarely is there only one, but usually there is a better one or a selection of better ones that will help you get there.  And it may be fun and fantastic and exactly what you want to be doing or it could be the one thing you have avoided doing your entire life.  And you don’t have to choose to do it.  Again, your life is up to you.  It’s a ‘create your own adventure’ story and only you can choose to go right or left or back or straight ahead.  Which means the only thing holding you back from starting down the path to your best life is you.  So you tell me, what is your next step?

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