ContractIn physical life contracts are structured, formal ties between people or entities.  They are that way because we humans are full of free will, limited in our ability to see far into the cause and effect future that will come from our decisions now, and fluid in our decision making process so our minds change constantly.  Contracts seek to create and maintain order in this apparent chaos and to control behavior.  And if they worked well then we wouldn’t need lawyers.  See how that’s working out for us so far?  🙂

Anyway, contracts in the Akashics are fluid and ever changing to incorporate our free will and allow for choices, changes, and ongoing growth.  I’ve discussed them a bit previously here and here.  One of the keys to understanding contracts in the Akashics is to get rid of the notion that every relationship, every contact, every moment of our interaction with another being is ‘for a reason’ or ‘preordained’ or ‘meant to be’.  These notions can bridge the gap for us between cause and effect that we can’t see because of the complexity, but they can be limiting because they ignore the fact that we have free will.  If some power greater than us is directing our lives, then why are we here?  What is the point of puppets on a stage other than for the amusement of some higher being.  I have found no evidence of this and so throw the notion out.

Contracts are fluid because of free will.  Each of us puts a great amount of effort into preplanning the life we will lead here because of free will.  Because the minute we are born we begin the necessary forgetting process that allows us to see time as linear, that allows us to condense our nature into a single form that feels separate from others and helps us to experience life in an immediate way we cannot do otherwise.  Because of the forgetting and due to free will our lives almost never follow the script as written, which is why we write the script as a ‘choose your own adventure’ story.  We know we will go in various paths depending on events influenced by our and other’s free will.  So we don’t make just one agreement with one person to act in one kind of role for ourselves but instead contract with many hoping we will meet up with one of them at the appointed time.  And we cannot foresee who we will be, what choices we will make in the moment, or who they will have become by the time we get there.

So most contracts will never be acted upon, and those that are will be updated, amended, altered, and/or foreshortened as necessary once they have begun.  Which is something to consider when working with the Akashics.  A) A contract won’t tell you what is going to happen, only the plans that each party has made with caveats and addendums for circumstances.  B) You can consciously choose to extend or end your side of a contract at any time.  Need a relationship to end, sign the contact and it is ended.  The connection between you two will start dissolving organically from that point on.  Want a relationship to continue, write that into the contract.  Just remember.  Free will applies and everyone has it.  You can’t control other people or their choices. All you control is yourself…