I bumped into some friends of mine at the pub the other day and had an unexpected and delightful conversation with them for a couple of hours.  We just sat and got caught up with each other, but the fun part is that this past year has been amazing for all of us in that we’ve radically changed our lives.  My writing career finally got launched and I’m now teaching online and in person.  They asked themselves if now was the later they had been waiting for so they could start living their authentic lives and found out that it was.  So they started on their journey to create their version of paradise, which is a wonderful farm about 30 minutes outside of town.

That decision has started a full year cycle of change for them and their entire family.  Last year they found the farm and the farm house, were able to buy it and start renovations on the house.  It was in bad shape, but with elbow grease and a bit of reno budget it’s going to become the house that love built.  Last summer was tear off the roof and replace it season.  Which prevented winter becoming the season of their discontent and woe-is-me.  Winter is now the ‘work with the contractor’ season so that renovations can be complete before June.  Because June is ‘graduate our children from college and high school’ month and then July becomes ‘move into the new house’ month.  And then the rest of summer and fall will be about the acreage and getting livestock.

Which should feel crazy, out of control, exhausting and a touch frightening, but to all of us sounded exciting and wonderful and fulfilling.  Of course, I love reno and putting together a house so that it is functional and soul inspiring (I’m a fan of HGTV of course) so I get what they are doing.  They helped me a few years ago when I moved into my dream home so they know.

Taking on difficult projects aren’t necessarily arduous if it is all part of your dream and helping you reach the goal of being truly happy in your life.  They can be rollercoaster rides of delight.  It’s all about whether later has become now or not.