Working with the Akashics is a conversation.  It’s not all in your head, only part of it is, just like any other conversation you have during the day.  Part of the conversation is formed of things you think of  and then make physical by vocalizing them (or in the Deaf community by signing them) and then the other party(ies) reciprocate.  Wash/rinse/repeat.  So there are a minimum of two persons involved in any conversation and each party uses a two step process to form the communication.  They think and then they say.

The two part process exists in an even broader context when working with the Akashics, but most people don’t recognize this and therefore don’t act on it.  So a conversation with the Akashics has two parties, you and the being(s) you are communicating with.  And with that conversation you think and then act, they think and then act.  Wash/rinse/repeat.  But in the broader context, you went to the Akashics asking a question(s). Beings in the Akashics agree to work with you to help you find the answer, even if it’s just ‘what is all this?’  Which leaves half of your part of the interaction unfinished.  You asked a question, they listened, thought about it, then answered providing you with a concrete response.  So now what?  What do you do with that?

Because the answer isn’t something that is relevant only in the Akashics any more than you and your life are only relevant in the Akashics.  The answer is about the entirety of you which includes this life.  So the answer applies to this life now.  How do you apply that answer?  I liken this to the concept of “As Above, So Below.”  If what you found/figured out/experienced was relevant there, it’s relevant here and should be put into process here in some fashion.  For example, in Native American culture spirituality is not something separate from everyday life.  Which is why, to my knowledge, none of our languages have a word for spirituality or religion.  We just call it life.  So when it is time to make something, we fashion it with/through/because of our spirituality.  So first we communicate with our Guides, with the All That Is, and ask for inspiration or vision concerning how it should be made.  This includes not only structure but decoration, means of storing it, how it should be handled, etc.  And where does that information come from?  Hmmm….let me think….oh I know!  I know!  Can you guess?  LOL

So when we see a vision it’s knowledge coming from the Akashics.  And once we have it, then we set out to manifest that vision in the physical world.  Whether that is for a building, a prayer stick, a staff, a bowl, a medicine wheel, a car, or whatever, we seek to manifest it here.  Which does a couple of things.  It builds positive relationship between the person and the Akashics.  Because no one likes to have conversations where the other party doesn’t listen to you but constantly asks you questions.  It’s frustrating and pointless.  Second, it brings that beautiful loving Akashic energy into being here in a concrete and conscious way which benefits all of us short term and long term.

So when I’m working with students and they see objects in the Akashics what are meant specifically for them I suggest that they sort out the meaning of the object.  Because sometimes it’s a symbol, sometimes it’s a message, sometimes it’s a completion of a process that started long ago.  But sometimes its a gift and something that should be brought into your life.  If its a stone, I recommend going to look for it even if you have to buy it.  Because it wants to be in your life and unlike a pet it can’t wander into it on its own.  If its a crafted item you can look for it, ask someone to make it for you, or craft it yourself.  Because you are meant to have it even if it just sits around gathering dust.  Ok, you can get in the habit of dusting it regularly, but the object radiates for you.  It gives to you something that you need which may be comfort, laughter, inspiration or whatever you need.  And that’s worth a little effort, isn’t it?