There is a difference between an animal guide and a totem.  And animal guide is there for the purpose of that specific journey.  For my students they are there to help with the work in reading your soul book and in general to help you navigate the Akashics in comfort.  Because it’s always more fun and less stressful if you have a friend go with you. 🙂

That doesn’t mean that your animal guide can’t be a totem.  They are not mutually exclusive.  Just to note, not all totems are animal guides and not all animal guides are totems.  Clear as mud, right?  So lets talk a bit more about totems.

Totems represent aspects of our souls made physical.  They are expressions of our true selves, our hearts/souls/bodies in harmony, expressing themselves in the world.  The being you met last week is not you nor a reflection of you, but a representative of the totem clan of which you are a member. Like astrological signs or the Chinese year you were born into, your totem is a key to aspects of your essential nature.  Unlike those others it is something you can experience holistically through the Akashics, for you are your totem.  And in this week’s lesson you will learn to shift between your human and totem shapes and experience the art of Being in an entirely new way.

In most Native American cultures, people are identified by their totems, and are born into clans which are identified with animal spirits.  This is in part because they see animals are integral to life, therefore respect and value as much as humans or even more so.  Animals are also seen as wise elders, teachers who help people discover and develop their true nature and manifest it in the physical in order to live the best life possible making each action improve life for everyone and everything.  Hence the use of feathers, claws, fur, leather, and teeth in art, clothing, and sacred items.  It honors the totem and imbues the user with a deep connection to their totem and themselves.